PetSTEPII and HalfSTEPII pet ramps

Pets are a blessing in disguise — they provide unconditional love and companionship. Apart from this, they also entertain us with their unconventional tactics like suddenly jumping on to the bed and landing with a thud. While this may be entertaining for you, it may not be so for the dog, especially older dogs or small breed dogs! Therefore, it makes sense to get a pet ramp for the purpose of helping your dogs and cats get up on a higher surface without trying ‘acrobatics’.

Sometimes, people do not like to buy a separate large dog bed for their dogs but prefer that their four-legged friend sleep beside them on the regular bed. If your dog is old or if heshe is not capable of making high jumps and landing safely on the bed then a dog ramp would be of great use. The ramp can also multi-task and be used for the purpose of improving the mobility of your pets around the car. Pet ramps greatly reduce the chances of your pet developing injuries while trying to get in and out of the car.

Extra information about large dog bed


If you are getting a pet ramp for your dog, which is a large breed and has a significant weight then you would want to ensure that the ramp is constructed from solid materials so that it does not bend when the dog is walking on it. Also, another factor that you have to keep an eye out for is the material on the part of the ramp on which the pet would walk, this portion should feature a high-traction surface so that your pet doesn’t slip while walking on the ramp. Thus, the rule of thumb here is to get a stable and non-slippery high quality pet ramp to aid the mobility of your beloved pet.These ramps can be stored in cars or around the house in order to facilitate quick retrieval during times of need.

There is a general misconception that pet ramps are useless investments that only encourage one’s pet to get even lazier and give up leading an active lifestyle. This certainly couldn’t be further from the truth because pet ramps are actually like a preventative healthcare tool for your loving pet. If your pet is arthritic or has a mobility disorder then you will be doing himher good by obtaining a pet ramp. In fact it is better to invest in a pet ramp instead of a large dog bed!This is because the ramp would function as the ultimate support for your pet.


Pet ramps come in a variety of designs and makes. Some of them may be carpeted and while these are great for traction, the same cannot be said about its maintenance because the carpet encourages retainment of odor and these are also more difficult to clean. Thus, if superior traction is what you are looking for then you can contemplate about getting a pet ramp that is made from tough plastic and has mild corrugation. These are fairly easy to clean as well!