PetPocket – Pet Carrier

Pet carriers can be described as compact portable cages that are mainly used to transport domesticated animals such as guinea pigs, lap dogs, and cats from one point to another. Pet pockets come in two distinct styles. There are pet pockets that can be used when traveling inside a plane, and there are also pet pockets that are suitable for short traveling distances which are less than 6 hours.

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Pet carrier bags are mainly used to transport small pets and there are other reasons associated with using a pet carrier bag. These include:

Whenever traveling with the pet inside congested areas such as a busy city where the safety of the pet can be jeopardized because the animal can get lost or be run over by people or motor vehicles

Whenever traveling to zones where pets are restricted

Whenever the pet is disabled or cannot walk for extended periods of time

There are various types of pet pockets available in the market and consumers are advised to refrain from selecting products that are bulky hence not convenient to move around with. There are several advantages associated with a pet pocket bag and these include

Pet pockets are compact and light weight making them easy to carry around with a pet inside them

They facilitate different carrying styles and the person using the carrier can select the style that bests suits himher with the pet

Pet carriers can be folded up when not in use and stored even inside a handbag provided the hygienic conditions have been observed

These products are cost-effective

Some of the pocket pet carriers available in the market include:

Backpack carriers

They resemble rucksack and comprises of a slung that hangs over the two shoulders. The weight of the pet is normally supported by strong back muscles and shoulders. Such kind of products can be used for extended period of time because of less discomfort. Another advantage with backpack carriers is that the hands are left free to conduct other activities.

Front pack pet pocket carriers

It is also slung over the shoulders and the pet is usually placed in front of the human body. Its primary advantage is that it is possible to keep an eye on the pet and at the same time the hands are kept free. However, going by the fact that the pet is placed in front, a person is restricted on the activities that heshe can conduct.

Shoulder Pet carrier

It is normally slung across the human shoulder while the bag takes a rest on the opposite hip. This product can also be adjusted to be carried in front or behind depending with what is suitable for a person so that the free human hands can be used to complete other tasks. It also enables the pet carrier to keep an eye on the pet while at the same time use hisher free hands to complete other tasks.

Immediately after you have decided on the type of pet pocket suitable for your day to day activities it is also advisable to take into consideration other necessary factors such as pet security, comfort levels, ventilation, material used, and durability of the pet carrier.